Who are explore essence?

Explore Essence works with a team of outstanding individuals who all have enthusiasm, energy and unique backgrounds to bring experience and expertise from a wide field of knowledge. The majority of our associates are NLP Master Practitioners and all are trained coaches. Together we work to bring to our clients the very best match of expertise, experience, skills, attitudes and challenge.


Patricia Whiteley Smith

Patricia works with individuals, teams and organisations to realise and release their full potential to become effective and successful. She has experience working with a wide range of clients from both the public and private sector and to each she brings professionalism, creativity and deepened understanding of self and others. Patricia has over 15 years’ experience as a senior manager with a reputation for empowering her teams; delivering objectives, high performance and change. She also delivers workshops to Mum's.

Malcolm Taylor

Malcolm has 20 years international business experience and has a reputation for developing empowered organisations allowing a culture of continuing improvement through shared leadership, coaching and mentoring. He is the director of Your Excellency Ltd.

Lucy Hampton

Lucy is an experienced Coach, Facilitator and Trainer with wide ranging public and commercial sector experience. She has extensive experience of facilitation and training both as an independent practitioner and within the NHS.

Jenny Barnett

Jenny is a highly respected trainer, coach and facilitator with over 15 years’ experience as a senior manager within the Public Sector. She has successfully delivered change and increased levels of performance and has great insight into what makes organisations work well, and not so well.

Sharon Milroy

Sharon brings a special calm and charisma to team and individual coaching. Her experience in the retail sector brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that enables her to understand what is required to retain a place as one of the country's leading retailers.

Richard Youell

Richard has a broad experience with a proven track record of business, technology and people development.  He has experience in consumer and business-to-business markets and working within a wide range of organisations from large multi-nationals to local Government and the voluntary sector.  He is also the co-author of The Sunday Times Creating Success – Effective NLP Skills, published by Kogan Page and is Director of People & Performance Ltd. 

Christina Youell

Christina is a seasoned HR professional with over 20 years’ experience in HR. She has 10 years’ experience as a leadership trainer, organisational facilitator and executive coach and she has managed successful teams in a number of different settings and particularly enjoys the challenge of turning around a team’s poor performance.  She is also the co-author of The Sunday Times Creating Success – Effective NLP Skills, published by Kogan Page and is the Director of People & Performance Ltd; an HR and Development Consultancy. 

Gina Elward

Gina has a wealth of experience in the development of individuals and teams in the banking world. She is a trained coach with a passion for working with women to achieve their full potential and become all they can be in their chosen field. She works together with Patricia to deliver workshops to Mum’s to enable self-development and confidence in their choice of work or staying at home to raise a family.