What does explore essence do?


  • find solutions with you that fit with who you are and what you want to achieve
  • work to determine realistic options with realistic timescales
  • support your individual needs
  • understand what is at the centre of your difficulties and your success
  • devise strategies to get the best development that fits with your business plans
  • build a lasting and supportive relationship with all that we work with


We work collaboratively with organisations and teams to build a training programme that is the solution to the needs and fits with the business plan.

Our training delivers serious messages in an enjoyable way. Managing people and change can be complex and challenging. To do both successfully can be complex and challenging……let us help you to:

  • be clear about the outcome and how it can be achieved
  • communicate in an effective way
  • nurture individuals to be responsible for their performance and deliver change
  • ensure people have all the capabilities and skills to perform and achieve

We support leaders and their teams to perform to their optimum and manage and deliver change.

We help you to determine the vision and together we create training that meets your needs to make that vision a reality.

We offer the following:

  • Management and Leadership Skills programmes
  • Team Building/Development events
  • Performance Management
  • Change workshops
  • Personal Development
  • Executive and Rising Stars Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Communication and inter personal skills
  • Managing mental health in the workplace
  • Workshops for Mum's

Coaching individuals

We explore with our clients their thoughts, plans, behaviour and impacts to enable them to:

  • become the leader that you would like to be led by
  • make decisions
  • deal with difficult situations
  • get in the right frame of mind
  • discover their full potential
  • build and maintain successful relationships
  • prepare for an interview and/or make a presentation
  • solve problems
  • increase confidence and self esteem



Our team of professional and energetic facilitators bring people together to listen and talk to get clarity about the needs of the individuals and the business and to better understand the destination and the journey.

To discuss your needs contact Explore Essence.