About Explore Essence

Explore Essence is led by Patricia Whiteley Smith, who is supported by a team of professional and committed associate consultants that all share the same passion to deliver quality training and coaching to make a real difference. We are a team of innovative vibrant trainers and coaches that will bring together your experience and ours to enable the very best coaching and training that will lead to success. We bring fresh ideas, innovation and insight to enable our clients to be the very best they can be at all they want to achieve. Our aim is to support organisations, individuals and teams to grow to their full potential.

We make learning experiential and enjoyable and include lots of opportunities to practise and have a go before taking the learning into changing behaviours and real situations

Coaching is supportive, non-judgmental and challenging in a way that enables individuals to discover what best works for them and how best they can achieve their goals.

Explore Essence is based in Essex.


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